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Happy Voting Day!

Polls stay open until 7 tonight

Today, it’s your Burqueño right and responsibility to choose the mayor, approve or disapprove some bonds, and possibly select a councilor for your district. Polls stay open until 7pm, and you can vote at any of them. The city’s even provided a map of polling locations that includes wait times.

Remember, for city elections, an ID is required. According to the city’s website, though, they’re pretty liberal about what constitutes voter identification:

• Government-issued card containing the voter's name and photo

• Driver's license

• Student identification card

• Credit or debit card

• Insurance card

• Union membership card

• Professional association card

• City Clerk-issued identification

• Other membership cards with the voter's name and photo

It’s certainly nice to see that if you’re one of the folks who could be negatively impacted by a voter ID law, you can at least present your Costco card in lieu of a driver’s license.

Municipal elections aren’t the sexiest of the elections (and that’s really saying something), but they represent a chance for normal people like you and me to have a say in what happens close to home. Take a few minutes to vote today and you’ll be justified in complaining about the results for the next 364.

Public Comments (2)
  • D'oh!  [ Tue Oct 8 2013 2:02 PM ]

    After reading this, I was so intending to try to use my Costco card.

    But then I remembered something. When you fill out the Costco form, they have a blank for a "nickname" and my girlfriend put something in there. And so they printed that on the card instead of my real name.

    So now I have to remember to re-register to vote, under the name "Smizmar."

  • Smizmar, Smizmar...  [ Tue Oct 8 2013 4:55 PM ]

    sorry sir, we can't find you on the roll...no vote for you!

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