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The Daily Word in falling satellites, no clergy allowed at 9/11 ceremony and people wearing clown noses to spread joy.

Plus, let's ban deep sea fishing.

The Daily Word

This satellite is going to fall to Earth, but NASA says it probably won't hit anyone.

More allergens this Fall than ever, including extra mold.

A team of marine scientists want to put a stop to deep sea fishing.

The private medical data of 20,000 patients was online without detection for almost a year.

Threat of terror attack has Department of Homeland Security beefing up.

Mayor Bloomberg bans clergy from 9/11 commemoration.

Xkcd reminds us that sending files is tricky.

Old-timey curse words and gross insults.

A muslim school navigates how to teach students about 9/11.

This poem reminds you to feel awesome about yourself.

A group that wears clown noses to make people smile, and wants you to wear them too.

Public Comments (3)
  • 09/11/01 non-prayer  [ Sat Sep 10 2011 10:53 PM ]

    Mayor Bloomberg knows more about New York City than I know. If he feels that banning the Clergy from the memorial is the right thing, I certainly can't differ. He feels that including Imams in any ceremony would be required, if there are Priests, Pastors and Rabbis in the ceremony; so therefore, there isn't any representation of prayer for any Religious group. (One child is naughty; no one gets ice cream).

    The only book on prayer I ever read was by a well-read Santa Fe author (Larry Dossey??) and he is a liberal. It is a great read. It gave insight and nearly proves that prayer is a positive force that can improve people and society, especially during the hours when we are the weakest and most vulnerable. Personally, I would like some comfort here, for the survivors and their families, not to mention our national spirit. We were all Americans before local squabbles tore us apart again. We flew flags.

    On that awful day, it was difficult to look men in the eye. Many were tearful, so we looked the other way. White, Native, Hispanic and Black. I struggled with composure for every customer that day, and more.

    In a strange way, my personal spiritual relief and misty-eyed moments may be before the NFL games. That's where you may receive the permission to grieve once again and honor the victims. There will be moments of silence. There will be remembrances, especially for the heroes of Flight 93, whose lives weren't taken, but whose lives were willfully given as a sacrifice for others. In some cities, there may actually be prayer.

    I'm in a circle, and back to "Mayor Bloomberg knows more about New York City..."



  • Flight 93 did NOTT make a hole in Shanksville!!  [ Sat Sep 10 2011 11:20 PM ]

    your emotional health needs a hard slap

    in the face, followed by enforced Education

    as to the True events of 9/11. Mike! Hey!

    You will dwindle away into baby-ass

    mental illness, if you do not spend some effort

    to learn about PNAC, the satanic Wolfowitz,

    Cheney and Rumsfeld, and all military BRASS

    which benefitted from this huge conspiracy.

    If you don't LEARN up, Mike, you will be

    well on your way to becoming a God-Damned

    SLAVE. No More emotional blubbering.

    Damn the DEVIL! You must make effort Mike,

    or else you're Lost and Useless.

  • Less drugs - more sanity  [ Sun Sep 11 2011 10:32 PM ]


    Have you considered a cerebral implant. Of course you haven't.

    Don't try

    You don't have to

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