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Condit captures UFC interim welterweight title

Opponent NIck Diaz threatens retirement, protesting the decision

Carlos Condit trains at Jackson's in Albuquerque.
Eric Williams
Carlos Condit trains at Jackson's in Albuquerque.

In a highly technical and strategic fight, Albuquerque's Carlos Condit defeated Nick Diaz via decision. The judges' verdict has Diaz fans crying fowl, claiming Condit was "running" from the fight by not allowing Diaz to trap him against the cage and tee off on him. According to Fightmetric, the UFC's official statistics provider, Condit outstruck Diaz 151 to 105 in significant strikes, a big margin.

Not surprisingly, Condit's head coach Greg Jackson agrees with the decision and defends the strategy. "A stick-and-move game plan against a guy that’s such an amazing fighter and such a tough guy as Diaz, for me is a no-brainer," Jackson says. "If you look at the numbers, we hit him many more times than he hit us."

After the decision was announced, Diaz said he would retire in protest. Interestingly, Diaz' last opponent, B.J. Penn, also retired after Diaz beat him.

With the win, Condit holds the UFC's interim welterweight title. He says he'll wait until November—when injured welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre is expected to be healthy—to fight St-Pierre and unify the belts. Many are calling for a rematch between Condit and Diaz, but with Diaz' retirement, it's unclear how that would work.

In the edition of the Alibi that's on stands, I profiled Condit and his teammate Diego Sanchez, who fights Jake Ellenberger on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

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  • Jackson's Running Club  [ Mon Feb 6 2012 5:40 PM ]

    It's amazing how much faith MMA fans suddenly have in the UFC's Fightmetric. (I'm suspicious of anything that comes with a UFC brand) Like most stats, they're subjective. Judges have lots of leeway in their scoring criteria, it's not a science. What scores the most points?, what is a significant hit?, nobody has any real answers and it changes from one fight to another. Nick Diaz made the mistake of allowing Carlos Condit to dictate the ebb and flow of the fight and that cost him dearly. A fight where one fighter does little more than run away, doesn't make for a good fight. They do still call it entertainment. Jackson's fighters always bemoan the fact that they don't get enough respect, having happy feet doesn't help their cause.

    Last edited [2/6/12 5:40 PM]
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