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The Daily Word in Todd Akin, Susana Martinez, Walter White and Ray Bradbury

The Daily Word

Missouri Rep. Akin (of recent pregnancy-rarely-occurs-in-cases-of-"legitmate-rape" infamy) signals that he won't be giving up his Senate campaign.

State AG Gary King and Gov. Susana Martinez' administration trade barbs.

New Mexico book businesses are dismayed that the guv went mostly out of state for a high volume buy.

Mountains of presidential campaign money keep growing, and growing...

The really big Apple.

Walter White is wanted for manufacturing meth. In Tuscaloosa.

Narcocorridos likened to gangster rap.

Swedish designers unveil their "invisible," inflatable bike helmet.

The cold "heartbeat" of ice.

"Such are the mysteries of literary DNA."


Today's Events

View the work of internationally recognized Laguna photographer Lee Marmon, New Mexican photographer Sondra Diepen and New Mexican painter Carol L. Adamec. Runs through 6/25.

Ely Write • variety at M'Tucci's Moderno

Health Students Strut Their Stuff: Addressing Dental Care at FAMILY PROMISE

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