The Daily Word in Supermoons, Space Nations and Teddy Bear Snuff Films

The Daily Word

Having trouble eating your greens? Then the Taste Buddy is for you! A scientist who's goal in life is to make kids eat their veggies had developed a spoon that delivers a low-level electrical shock that will stimulate certain taste buds, tricking your mouth into thinking it's eating ... say, birthday cake instead of brussels sprouts.

So, space nation Asgardia is officially accepting applications for citizens. That's right, you can live in space as part of a democratic nation, floating among the stars. I'm already signing up people I don't like.

Tomorrow night, the hunter's supermoon will make its closest approach to earth. The best time to view it is just after sunset (around 6:30pm).

October creepiness continues with this disturbingly violent video of a family dismantling their Teddy Ruxpin doll. (Warning: The images contained in this link are not for the weak of heart. Reader discretion is strongly advised.)

Cough cough. I've got a stuffy nose and runny eyes. I went to see a ton of doctors, but none of them could figure out what was wrong. Then I heard about Sandra Kim's new online class, Healing From Toxic Whiteness. After taking a long, hard look at myself in the mirror, I noticed that my skin color did seem a bit too light—surely a sign of toxic whiteness (I also recognized notes of toxic masculinity in the bags under my eyes, which I will have to deal with at some point, I suppose). Hopefully this $297 online course will cure me of my whiteness, and I can finally break this fever. (How is this not racist?)