The Daily Word in the Blood of St. Januarius, a Tiny Snowman in and Where is Santa?

The Daily Word

The "Klingon Newt" and "Ziggy Stardust" snake are two of the new species discovered in Southeast Asia.

So 2016 is officially shit. Even the miraculous blood of St. Januarius failed to liquify during a Catholic ritual performed in Naples. Everyone knows that's bad news.

Some nerds built the world's smallest snowman. It measures a whole 2.7 microns high.

Having trouble getting the fam to play those new board games you'll inevitably get as a present? Here are some tips on roping them in.

Out of the dweeb closet, here I come! Here are a list of some Christmas-themed Doom mods. Enjoy.

Wondering where Santa is? Just call the North American Aerospace Defense Command and ask. There are volunteers there ready to tell you his exact location.