US - Mexico Relations

the Last Picnic

Join the endangered animals for their Last Supper

* FACT. The Rio Bosque Wetlands Park was established to preserve the Borderland's fragile and diminishing ecosystem.
* FACT. The Rio Bosque Wetlands Park is the last SAFE HAVEN for the plants and animals of the Chihuahuan Desert Region.
* ACT. The Border Wall will destroy the habitat for the animal's home. WE MUST STOP THE BORDER WALL FROM DESTROYING THE BOSQUE & THE SPECIES.

Please Join our Fight to Save the Bosque & the Species from HARM

* The Animals Can not Organize Politically ...But WE CAN and Will !!!!
* The Animals & Humans Rely on Each other to Maintain Order in Nature...There are many things we need the animals for ... But the animals need our Help TODAY !!!

The Border Wall is immoral and unwise.

* Biology. The Border wall damages the environment & disrupts the ecosystem.
* Psychology. The Border wall represents primitive problem solving methodologies.
* Sociology. The Border wall divides our community.
* History. Progressive thought yields the destruction of Walls [Berlin]....Not Building Walls.
* Economy. We have pressing budget needs such as health, education & welfare to subsidize. This is Government WASTE.
* Aesthetics. The steel & concrete are ugly, blocks the horizon and destroys earth, plants & animals.
* Anthropology. Civilizations become extinct after they ignore the balance between plants, animals & people

We are meeting Monday January 19 to plan our next ACTION. Please contact dixieDeer if you are interested in Joining our GrassRoots campaign against the Border Wall