Happy Pi Day!

Today's date is 3.14, which makes today Pi Day. (Coincidentally, it's also Albert Einstein's birthday.)

Things you can do to celebrate:

-Start a pi parade where everyone is one digit of pi. The last girl should probably be a dot dot dot.

-Write pi limericks.

-Spin-toss pizza dough.

-Get a pi tattoo.

-Draw pictures of the symbol, but be careful. Sometimes they look like weird dinosaurs. Trust me.

-Write a prog-rock song with a shifting time signature that follows the digits of pi.

-If you have a Second Life avatar, you can go here to party down for Pi Day.

-Recite pi to 22,514 digits like this guy.

-Listen to this song called [symbol for pi] by Kate Bush. But, as this celebration wiki says, "watch out for party-crashers playing 'Zero' by Smashing Pumpkins."

-Memorize the first 50 digits of pi: