Local Blogosphere Roundup 03.14.09

Bird's eye view of Albuquerque 100 years ago
Bird's eye view of Albuquerque 100 years ago

Killbox on Duke City Fix goes hunting for the Barelas Acequia

When I read the headline, I thought this blog was going to be about tasty Hot Pockets. It turns out it’s literally about someone’s hot pocket. An exposed circuit heated up the spare change in this guy’s pocket until it became blisteringly hot.

Whassup in the Milky Way discusses “cloud plans.” These are the indoor activities sky watchers employ when the heavens are too cloudy to see the stars. My cloud plan is drinking.

Heath Haussamen says Bill Richardson will probably sign the bill banning the death penalty in New Mexico. He notes that the embattled governor will garner international praise if he signs the bill, and could receive negative press if he vetoes it. It also seems to me the Governor will gain some brownie points from lawmakers if he gives the legislation his John Hancock. The bill was pretty popular in the House and passed the Senate by a comfortable margin.

The West Mesa Mystery blog says victims’ families will have to wait a while before holding funerals for their loved ones.

And finally, a bird’s eye view of Albuquerque from around 1900. It looks pretty brown.