Local Blogosphere Roundup 03.29.09

Baldness is pretty cool

Get that sexy head over here, baby!
Get that sexy head over here, baby!

No, the state treating a powerful state politician special? Not in New Mexico!

"There's an old saying in business... make a customer happy and they'll tell ten people - make a customer unhappy and they'll tell a hundred. Such is the nature of the market. Punishment is meted out almost immediately, while good reputations are earned over time." And other profound economy-related theories from Eye on Albuquerque.

Dre Day goes to the NHCC, which currently has a cool exhibit and is free Sundays. Thanks for the hot tip!

Nice quilt, Additional Jesus. And I like your irreverent writing style too.

The Alopecian Muse explains the joys of web design template maker Drupal.

Sometimes it seems as though New Mexico is actually Mars.

Two bald mortgage guys want to help you out.