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Sapo the African Dwarf Frog

He was too good for this world

I just learned that Alibi Controller Molly Lindsay's African Dwarf Frog died last week. The truth is Sapo (the Portuguese word for frog) was a fighter and a winner. He made this world a better place and he made Molly happy. While I am sad that Sapo croaked, I still harbor some small measure of hope that Herve, her Chinese fighting fish, is still staying tough.

Public Comments (3)
  • I would give up hope.  [ Mon Jan 8 2007 1:55 PM ]

    I hear Molly is a one woman death factory. Come now, must we post the long list of deceased?

  • In other VERY sad news  [ Mon Jan 8 2007 2:06 PM ]

    my kid's green tree frog (Victor) died yesterday. Victor lived in peace for several years and seemed healthy and happy to the end. He started sitting in the water dish a lot in recent months. Yesterday, he looked very bloated then eventually stretched out on the forest floor. I thought he was reviving when I rinsed him off in the bathroom sink, but no such luck. RIP scary little frog thing.

  • romaine  [ Mon Jan 8 2007 3:14 PM ]

    is that scent turncoat?

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