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Poll: Does Obama Deserve the Nobel?

Should the president have received the Nobel Peace Prize?
Yes7 (39%)
No11 (61%)
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Public Comments (9)
  • What DPNM chairman Javier Gonzales has to say about it:  [ Fri Oct 9 2009 2:37 PM ]

    From a news release:

    "I would like to commend the Nobel Committee for their selection today of President Obama as the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. I agree with the President that this award gives momentum to a set of causes that he is championing around the globe. In recognizing the President, the Nobel Committee has not awarded his accomplishments, but rather his vision to bring nations together and reestablish America as a leader in the quest for peace. Anyone who tries to attack the President for receiving this award, as RNC Chairman Michael Steele did today, will only continue the cavalier attitude towards other nations that we hoped had left Washington with the Bush Administration."

  • What I can't understand ...  [ Fri Oct 9 2009 2:48 PM ]

    ... is why so many people seem angry with the President for being granted this award. It's not as though he applied for it. I think the statement he released today was thoroughly graceful.

    Also, I agree with this guy: [link]

  • I like Begala's sentiment.  [ Fri Oct 9 2009 3:13 PM ]

    But I don't agree with giving someone an award who hasn't—yet—really done a whole lot towards that end. IMO, based on diplomacy alone (as appears was the reason for the selection) Gov. Richardson is more qualified than Pres. Obama.

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  • The only bad thing about it..  [ Fri Oct 9 2009 3:28 PM ]

    ..is that if this time next year he's done something to deserve it, I don't think they'll give it to him twice. Now Obama can end poverty, bring back 1980s-style heavy metal, get Iranians and Israelis to hug each other, cure baldness, and then invent a cold fusion powered hyperdrive that zips to Andromeda to trade a cargo container full of recyclable plastic bottles for their weight in nano-health-bots, which bring the whole Medicare budget down to $4.96 per year, and he's not going to get a Nobel prize for it. Drat, there goes his incentive to do those things.

  • I don't understand it  [ Sat Oct 10 2009 12:16 PM ]

    It doesn't make any sense to me

  • Premature  [ Mon Oct 12 2009 4:54 PM ]

    I think it sets a bad precedent to award anyone the Nobel Prize based on what they intend to do. This would be like me saying that I intend to get a Bachelor's degree in accounting so UNM might as well just go ahead and give it to me now. It diminishes the prestige of the award just a little bit. Why couldn't they just have waited?

  • Hurh?  [ Mon Oct 12 2009 6:14 PM ]

    I don't get why people are upset about this. It's an indicator that our international behavior and subsequent reputation are being quickly improved, so much so that our president wins the top award for peace. It's better than the last guy who talked nonstop about "evil-doers" and didn't win acknowledgment for peace during eight years in office.

  • I plan on inventing a device to fold space-time.  [ Mon Oct 12 2009 6:18 PM ]

    Then we reach any part of the universe instantly.

    I kan haz Nobel Prize for Science?

  • It also looks  [ Mon Oct 12 2009 6:43 PM ]

    like the US has the whole thing fixed.

    Best cheeseburger, indeed.

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