Local Blogosphere Roundup 10.11.09: Reactions to Berry, crewel crafting, hot sausage

Crewel lavender sachet by Additional Jesus.
Crewel lavender sachet by Additional Jesus.

The case for building a convention hotel and events center. It's not just about monster trucks.

The decline of large predators like wolves is causing the rise of smaller predators, and worldwide ecosystem collapse.

Additional Jesus tries crewel embroidery for the first time (hey, I picked up a couple of old books on crewel at the Bargain Box a while back, if you wanna borrow 'em).

Musings on the mayor-to-be and the interpretation of fiscal conservative from Cocoposts.

Eater.com tries to shut down other food blogs, isn't getting Duke City Food.

A wonderland of meats and sweets awaits Tully's visitors—that according to Gil.

Jim Baca's triumphant use of solar power. Oh, and the former mayor's thoughts on Berry.