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Talkin Bout A Revolution


Mmmmm. Catgut Strung sounds pretty yummy.
Mmmmm. Catgut Strung sounds pretty yummy.

Get a move on, kids. This is the last weekend of the Revolutions International Theatre Festival. And it’s a jewel on Albuquerque’s art crown; don’t miss your chance to witness its sparkly-ness. In case you need a reminder, here’s the agenda for the next few days:

Tonight, Thursday, January 28
8:00 p.m.Catgut Strung Violin at UNM’s Theatre X – An original work by Albuquerque’s Tricklock Company (Count me in!)
8:00 p.m.It’s Hell in Here at Nth 4th Theatre – Brought to you by New York’s Abigail Browde Company

A bibliophile named Philistine? I'm there! (At 'One')
A bibliophile named Philistine? I'm there! (At 'One')

Tomorrow, Friday, January 29
8:00 p.m.One at UNM’s Rodey Theatre – From Edmonton’s RedtoBlue Productions (P.S. – Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, which is a province in Canada. Hey. Just in case.)
10:00 p.m.Catgut Strung Violin

Last Chance! Saturday, January 30
2:00 p.m.It’s Hell in Here
6:00 p.m.One
8:00 p.m.Catgut Strung Violin
10:30 p.m. – Reptilian Lounge at the Filling Station – Albuquerque’s best (and oldest) late-night cabaret.

For better descriptions of each show, further logistical details and ticket information, check out our Revolutions Feature or visit Tricklock.

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