Whistleblower Protection Act Passes Senate

Sen. Sue Wilson Beffort's Whistleblower Protection Act, one of the ethics reform measures the AG's Office is pushing for, made it through the Senate.

The measure protects workers from retaliation by bosses if they report unethical or illegal behavior. It covers all government employees. It's a good companion for the proposals to create an ethics commission. What will the commission investigate if people don't feel comfortable reporting possible violations?

Sen. Michael Sanchez asked why it hadn't been sent to the Senate Finance Committee, since "that's the way things go down here" sometimes. (The domestic partnership bill was sent to the Senate Finance Committee yesterday. And that might be the "kiss of death," because it's a third committee in a 30-day session.)

The Whistleblower Protection Act was passed in 2007 unanimously by the Senate but was vetoed by the governor. This year, the measure passed the Senate initially on a 40-0 vote. But then Sens. Michael Sanchez and Phil Griego stood up and asked to have their votes changed. So it ended up passing 38-2.