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The Daily Word 04.30.10: Vietnam War, Arizona, Frau Blucher

The Daily Word

Giant oil slick has reached the Gulf Coast. No more offshore drilling for now.

The latest in lawsuits and boycotts directed at Arizona's pinche immigration law.

It's the 35th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, they're marking it. Not so much in U.S., and that's a shame. Here are some images from the conflict.

Here's what the crazy wind did yesterday.

It's No Phone Day. Don't drive and mess around with your phone, jerks.

British stage play about Enron, called Enron, features raptors, Star Wars, song.

Fire in Boston subway.

This is how restaurants get you to leave.

Signs of Ireland's burst bubble: one in five homes is unoccupied.

It's Cloris Leachman's birthday! Yes!

Public Comments (7)
  • Petty Officer  [ Fri Apr 30 2010 10:14 AM ]

    What an unglamorous title.

  • oil spill containment measures  [ Fri Apr 30 2010 10:26 AM ]

    This boggles my mind. BP has to ask these other oil companies how else to handle this?!

    quoted from NYT article linked to above [link]

    BP is soliciting ideas and techniques from four other major oil companies — Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell and Anadarko

  • look how pretty  [ Fri Apr 30 2010 10:41 AM ]

    Cloris Leachman was!

    Although what is interesting is how much Cloris has aged but how little Raquel Welch has

    Play Youtube Video

  • Karl Rove in ABQ  [ Fri Apr 30 2010 10:59 AM ]

    Karl "Turdblossom" Rove

    will be signing his book at Hastings

    tomorrow, Saturday, May 1st from 3 until 5.

    It'd be a shame if he didn't get the welcome that he deserves.


    6051 Winter Haven Rd., NW

    Montano and Coors

  • Kiss Me Deadly  [ Fri Apr 30 2010 12:58 PM ]

    Check our Cloris, barely clothed, at the start of the great Robert Aldrich anti-Mike-Hammer film.

    Play Youtube Video

  • Oil-spill federal amoebas  [ Fri Apr 30 2010 8:49 PM ]

    The oil platform blew up nine days ago and what has our government done and how have they reacted? Well, yesterday they moved the catastrophe up to"Emergency status". Today B.O. announced he's sticking with his plans to expand off-shore drilling, with provisions like "as long as they prove that they're safe...". It looks like they're screwing New Orleans and the gulf states all over again.

    This is a damn threat to our shores. Government needs to get their head out, take it seriously and react. The only thing most of us want from government is protection from threats abroad. I think an amoeba-like oil slick traveling at 15 miles per day toward Louisiana is a threat and I haven't heard a single thing from gov. regarding how they plan to deal with it. The blame game doesn't do it for me. Calling out BP is fine, I guess; they do a lot of that nowadays with individual people and companies, but get the greater good taken care of.

    We need to look at all the other nations who have oil platforms in the gulf, as well and protect our shores.



  • Hola, Officer!!  [ Fri Apr 30 2010 9:35 PM ]

    I don't have a strong opinion on the AZ law passed. It has parts that include suing municipalities or Officers themselves, for not enforcing the Federal law that AZ is adopting. That is a bit confusing. How do you sue a community that has crime, because all communities have crime?

    On the other hand, asking a person, who has already committed an action to arouse the interest of an Officer, whether they are guilty of being here illegally is no different than what takes place at the airport every second of the day, when you are passing through the security. (I haven't flown in over twenty years but I read a lot). However, I get pulled over driving quite a lot. I drive a real beater. That attracts attention. The windshield is cracked from one end to the other; a violation. I never wear a seatbelt; my silent middle-finger to the Man.

    Here are the questions I always hear:

    Where are you going and where were you at? Specifically, and why?

    Do you have any warrants for your arrest? (I can see ACLU types convulsing on the floor.)

    You can level with me, are there any drugs or pot in this vehicle? I'll work with you if there

    are. Trust me and it'll go better for you.

    Repeat all these questions, in a different manner to see if the answer changes. Then try

    again. Also, insert word-tricks to see what might come up. (This is actually how they

    caught Timothy McVay, with a missing license plate to catch the attention of a sharp

    eyed trooper.)

    So my question is, why must I and every other citizen have to answer basic questions when we're pulled over, and illegals get a pass?

    Just askin'



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