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The Daily Word 07.09.10: Angry Actors, Homemade Meat and Pirates. Oh My!

The Daily Word

Can someone explain to me how an automobile can hit a cyclist and the driver wouldn't notice?

Defending marriage is against the constitution.

The New York Times wonders where the U.S.A. is going to war next.

How to jack an airplane.

Mel Gibson is a big f*ing asshole.

Life's not fair.

The Rail Runner is getting another stop, even though less people ride the train.

The mall in Santa Fe is crazy dangerous.

Meat, for crafty vegetarians.

Moving to Miami from Cleveland is a bad idea?

Aaaarrrr matey, The Pirate Bay is attacked, by pirates.

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  • Controversy, re: airplane theft how-to guide  [ Fri Jul 9 2010 11:03 AM ]

    One critical point the otherwise informative article leaves out, is whether or not you need to clean up afterwards.

    Some writers say the cops can dust for vomit

    Vomit found in the plane was a DNA match to the boy

    but then other writers say they can't.

    Stomach acid prevented investigators from achieving a match

    Which is the truth?

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