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What Did You Play This Weekend?


Indie developer Playdead's 2D platformer, Limbo, picks up where Edward Gorey left off with The Gashlycrumb Tinies. You play as a silhouetted boy in a black and white world who, at least according to the game's description on Xbox Live, is searching for his sister. Starting the game cold tells you none of that, though. You play as the boy, yes, but you wake up in a nearly black woods with no instruction at all. There's an obvious blockade to the left, so running right is the thing to do. Run right, then, and pretty soon you run into the big, enthusiastic nod to Gorey. Death. Find the bear trap, and Wham! Dead. Get too close to the giant (I'm talkin' 20 feet tall, folks) spider, and oh, that slight movement you saw was it preparing to impale you. Fall into a pit (of spikes). Dead. Face goes below the surface of water. Listlessly drown. On and on it goes, and even though I'm not finished with the game, I'm starting to think a Gorey-esque Limbo alphabet might not be out of the question. Of course, the object here is to avoid as much death as possible, and therein lies the challenge. Most of the puzzles are physics or timing based (with a few stray unclassifiables), and a bit brain teasing, but so far none have strayed very far from being fun. Currently, Limbo is only available on Xbox Live Arcade, and while it seems pretty unlikely that Microsoft's exclusivity will wear off anytime soon, Little Big Planet owners can at least sooth themselves with this kickass remake.