One Night Only!

The Pajama Men Unveil A Secret Show at The Box, Laughter Ensues

Albuquerque's intercontinentally-acclaimed double act, the Pajama Men will host a late evening show of mystery tonight at 10 p.m. What will happen? It's shrouded in mystery. I can tell you, though, there will be a very, very special musical guest, improv and sketch comedy, maybe a short film or two and some other surprises. This secret show, which was intentionally hidden from the press (until now), serves as a precursor to the opening of their sixth stage show at the end of the month. The cost is $12, and well worth it for the entertainment you'll be getting. After all, the Pajama Men are Second City performers, and the musical guest is, well, I can't tell you about that. The Box is located at 1025 Lomas, at the NW corner of Lomas and Eleventh Street. Be there or be...not having a good time.