Cowboy taps Kelly by rear naked

Donald Cerrone put on a clinic against the Brittish Brawler

Donald Cerrone proved too well rounded for Paul Kelly – who followed a friendly glove tap with an immediate strike to open the match. Cerrone hobbled him with leg kicks and then danced around Kelly, taking him down at will in both rounds. In the first, he used the position to elbow Kelly’s face bloody. In the second, Cowboy took Kelly’s back like a bucking bronco, but instead of riding him off into the sunset he submitted Kelly with a rear naked choke. Welcome to the UFC, Cowboy.

This puts Cowboy on track for a submision of the night bonus, as this has been the only submission so far.

UPDATE: Cowboy's teammate Jones won that award, though Cowboy and Kelly each got 75K bonuses for putting on the "Fight of the Night."

During the fight, the UFC announcers pointed out, as first reported by the Alibi, that Cowboy recently bought a ranch.