Post UFC 126 press conference highlights

plus, an exclusive interview with Fabio Borges

Post-UFC presser montage + Steven Seagal
Ari LeVaux

From the presser:

Jon Jones sits next to Shogun Rua as they answer questions about their upcoming title fight.

Fabio Borges on Silva/Belfort and Jones/Rua

Vitor Belfort enters the press conference and congratulates Anderson Silva, just as Silva is explaining the tension between he and Vitor. Silva then discusses what a fight between himself and Georges St. Pierre would look like.

The author, left, "chilling out" after UFC 126
The author, left, "chilling out" after UFC 126
photo by Anderson Silva's son

Immediately post-presser: Steven Seagal discusses the front kick he trained with Anderson, and how happy he was when Anderson landed it on Vitor's face. Seagal is interrupted by the same fake nose wearing Brazilian goofball journalist who interrupted the presser.

In other video action, a much more professional (though no less animated) Brazilian journalist named Fabio Borges explains his lip-reading of Anderson and Vitor at their pre-fight staredown, and gives some words of advice for his countryman Shogun, as he prepares to face Albuquerque's Jon Jones: "Start training, right now."