Standard Birthday

Take me to a restaurant, and I'm likely to stir all the available sauces together or pour soy sauce on my desert--just to see what happens. This can be embarrassing for my dining companions, but I think in some other life I was a fabulous avant garde chef. That or I just can't shake my childhood stiring and mashing instincts.

I've been eating at The Standard Diner since it opened, because I'm a sucker for things like wasabi mashed potatoes. And though a little piece of my soul died when they stopped making sour cream ice cream, the best desert ever, I've forgiven them.

Anyway, we stopped by there last night, and the diner on Central was celebrating its one-year anniversary with free champagne. Good for The Standard. If you haven't been there yet and you're curious, here's Wohletz's review of the place from back in the day.