Making Fried Okra Is Easy

Last night, with a bag of okra flirting with decomposition in the icebox, I decided to attempt to cook one of my favorite foods. Even if it didn't turn out, at least I would have both tried, and prevented the okra from being a total waste. I found a recipe on the web and to my surprise, the instructions were mighty simple:

1. Wash okra
2. Cut okra into bite size pieces
3. Put okra in a bowl and salt generously
4. Pour ice water into the bowl and soak for at least an hour
5. Drain
6. Coat in corn meal seasoned with salt and pepper
7. Heat oil in a pan (enough to form at least an 1/8 inch layer, I like canola for frying)
8. Fry until golden brown, making sure the okra doesn't stick
9. Remove from pan with a spatula, and place on a paper towels or a brown paper bag
10. Eat

I couldn't believe it, but this okra came out perfectly. I plan to cook it again and again and again...let the weight-gain commence.