Blue Cherry

This is the most undelicious of cherries

My drink, if I have such a thing, is a highball, a vodka soda. A plain vodka soda is boring, both in look and in taste, so I like mine with lime and maraschino cherries. It's not so much the taste as it is the aesthetic appeal. A clear, carbonated drink looks prettier with red and green accents. Last week, in Edmonton, Alberta, I was having a hard time, as I usually do, getting bartenders to add bar cherries to my drinks. To my surprise, after I ordered the usual vodka soda I was confronted by a strange, new cherry: the neon blue cherry.

It looked like nothing I wanted to eat, and tasted the same. While maraschinos aren't tasty in the slightest, this cherry embodied the essence of antifreeze, combined with a most disgusting blue raspberry candy flavor. Still, I plopped the cherries into my drink. They added that needed color. They made me feel like I was drinking on an alien planet, instead of an alien country--a bonus. Blue cherries aren't a Canadian thing (has anyone seen them anywhere in the world?), instead, blue cherries must only come from one place...outer space.