Holy Shiiit!

"Rock of Love" is traaaash-y

"I saw 25 of the most hottest women I had ever seen," muses Poison lead singer Bret Michaels within the initial 10 minutes of VH1's "Rock of Love." Not only equipped with bad grammar and token cat fights, this stunning show's first episode held an endless melange of tragic breast and facial augmentations, sex industry imitation (stripper pole stripping, topless photo shoots), heavy drinking and a general parade of human insecurity translated via sleaze. Casually and continuously Michaels affirms "lovely, hot breasts" attached to a horde of supposedly attractive women the butt-rock star is to pick from, ultimately to choose one pair of lovely, hot breasts to call his own. I've seen the future (or more like, a crazy ROL preview), and it holds excessive vomiting, food fights, fist fights and other violence. As my friend and I sat watching in disbelief, she proclaimed "this is the trashiest reality show of all time," and was totally right. The show airs Sunday nights.