Is the U.S. Cold War with the Russians Back On?

NATO Treaty Off and U.N. Inspectors Banned from Russia

I heard this creepy story over the weekend on National Public Radio, is Armageddon back in the air? It seems like Putin and his gang are pissed off at Bush and his boys. So the Ruskies basically decided that no more United Nation Inspectors will get access to their bombs and that whatever weapons the Russians wanna make they can.

Wasn't that what the Cold War was all about?

Weekend Edition Saturday, July 14, 2007 · Tensions between Russia and the West are on the rise again. The Kremlin announced that it has suspended its participation in an arms control treaty with NATO that regulates deployment of troops in Europe. Russia says it won't allow NATO inspectors on its military sites and will no longer limit the number of its conventional weapons. Alexader Goltz, military analyst and deputy editor for the online publication EJ.RU, discusses the decision and its implications with Scott Simon.

Hear the story at this NPR link.