Wimpy's F'N ROCKS!!

the Little Red Hamburger Hut

Never eat fast food burgers again ... Get an honest burger at Wimpy's.
Never eat fast food burgers again ... Get an honest burger at Wimpy's.

The first few times I tried to eat at the new burger joint called "Wimpy's" at 1501 Mountain Rd, NW (15th and Mountain) I was turned away because they were "out of food". After about three or four tries I gave up on the joint. Big mistake, because when I finally gave it another shot, and finally tasted a Wimpy's burger, I realized this was the best thing to happen to downtown eating in some time and the burgers they are selling put all other burgers in this town to shame ... period.

I stopped in last night for a burger and got chatted up by the owner who told me the reason for running out of food is because all of the ingredients are purchased fresh each and every morning. The burgers are hand-made each morning from freshly-ground ground beef, the produce is hand-picked daily, and each day a fresh batch of the decades-old-family-recipe red chile is made.

Wimpy's is a small, family-owned burger joint where it seems obvious that good, quality food is far more important than pulling in large profits. My red chile burger was so good it almost made me cry. It was perhaps the best burger I have ever eaten in my life... The bun was so soft it was like cotton candy, the meat was juicy cooked perfectly, the produce fresh and the red chile was absolutely to die for.

Extra good news is is Wimpy's is permanently adding enchiladas and homemade beans to their menu next Tuesday and soon they will be adding Tacos one day a week.

Downtown dwellers, I beg of you, please help support this place because if they go away I will cry.

Wimpy's is open Tuesday-Saturday 10:30am-8:00pm. Their number is 304-1819. They are located at 1501 Mountain Rd, NW (15th and Mountain) Try them, you will be glad you did.