Best of 2007 # 2

The best awful book

Do you like name-dropping, narcissism and the aggrandization of drug abuse? If so, "Dear Diary," Lesley Arfin's crappy autobiography, released by Vice, will suit your terrible taste.

Easy to read due to simple writing and subject-matter, Arfin managed to chronicle her life from middle school through her early twenties according to the people she slept with and the drugs she did. It all culminates in a glorified addiction to heroin. Throughout the whole literary ordeal, which uses actual diary entries, updates and interviews with friends, Arfin manages to come off as superficial and shallow. She is also, obviously, a spoiled rich kid, although she calls herself middle class (Long Island kids who go to the Bahamas for senior trips, don't have to work through college and go to rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic aren't really "middle class").

That said, I did read the whole book, scorning it and throwing it at walls along the way. So it's not not readable. But it's definitely frustrating that something so bad gets published and widely distributed. That's why I name "Dear Diary" best awful book of 2007.