May I Put You On Hold?


Get back to work, hippy.
Get back to work, hippy.

When I think of hold music I think of a problem a friend of mine had at her non-profit employer's office when they had hired an unfortunate receptionist who kept setting the music to Wild 106. The idea of potential donors and government types calling up and getting an earful of 50 Cent still strikes me as really funny.

That brings me to today when the state's Alcohol and Gaming office put me on hold a couple times, and I was pleased to have the experience of listening to their excellent hold music. It was nothing as inappropriate as Wild 106, but a more obvious music of the new age variety. Surprisingly unboring, it was this vibraphone, heavy percussion stuff that made me feel like I was soaring over a cosmic landscape amid an interplanetary voyage...wearing patchouli, stroking my magnificent pony's tail, pondering the underlying force. I was a little sad when, back at my desk, the receptionist finally gave me the number I was looking for, and I had to hang up.

In case you were wondering, I checked to see what the Alibi uses for hold music, and learned that it's "Nanoloop 1.0," an album of Game Boy music, played on repeat. Apparently there have been complaints.