Ex-President Bill Clinton Said:

At Johnson Gym Today

-He would vote for Hillary Clinton even if they had never been married.

-The economy is in trouble because it isn’t based off Americans’ values.

-Hillary Clinton would focus on creating pel grants with a
fixed-percentage payback plan. Borrowers would pay back an fixed amount based on income.

-Vigorous diplomacy would be the first strategy in dealing with other countries. Military force would be a last resort.

-She would avoid

-She has a good energy plan that would create more jobs.

-She would stop American tax dollars from supporting companies that outsource jobs to other countries.

And much more. Clinton’s speech was long and specific regarding policy and action plan. He sounded a bit hoarse.

Things you might not know about Sen. Hillary Clinton:

-She is a native of Illinois.

-She was the only First Lady to testify before a federal grand jury, which she did because of Whitewater.

-She is the first female senator from New York, and is the first First Lady to have run for any public office.

Democrats in attendance included:
Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, Mayor Martin Chavez and Dolores Huerta, who
began the United Farm Workers of America with Cesar Chávez.
Buzzwords: Battle-tested and disgraced, as in Hillary Clinton has been battle-tested and President Bush has disgraced the country. Supporters were sure to mention Hillary Clinton's experience.