It's Mardi Gras

So I'm throwing you something, mister

Yes, today is Mardi Gras. And while New Mexico never jumped on that pre-lenten/Carnival/Mardi Gras decorative float, an excuse to party is an excuse to party, right? Below is an incomplete list of purple, gold and green things happening around town tonight.

In this week's Alibi Picks I wrote about The Lost Tribes of Mardi Gras, The Tom Bodean Trio and special guests performing tonight at Blackbird Buvette.

Duke City Fix linked this Albuquerque Press Club party on their website.

Also, Burt's Tiki Lounge is hosting a "Fat Tuesday Dance Party" with The Booty Green, DJ Hari Z of RAP and DJ Cherry Lee.

Ralli's Fourth Street Pub and Grill is having a "Mardi Gras Bash."

And finally, Launchpad is to throw what's being described a "Mardi Gras Sex-travaganza" with Beefcake in Chains, Icky and the Yuks, Downtown Brown, Bitch Goddess and 45 Caliber Sluts. Um, show me your tits?

So, apologies for anything I left out. Have a nice evening.