Super Screw Up Tuesday, NM Style

Let's see: Record breaking turnout in Iowa. Huge crowds at the polls in New Hampshire. South Carolina voting places swamped. And NM Dem Party Chair Brian Colon expected fewer people voting here than voted in 2004? Huh?

As a result, the Democratic Party wasn't close to being ready. About 100,000 more people voted than Colon "predicted." Chaos ensued. Hundreds of people simply walked away from three hour lines in Rio Rancho and excessively long lines elsewhere in Bernalillo County. Only one voting place for Rio Rancho, a city of 78,000. Too few ballots everywhere. Votes cast on scraps of paper when ballots ran out. Poll workers running over to Kinko's to copy more ballots while people waited, and waited, and waited. Old people having to leave because they were too weak to stand in line for hours.

And we're told today that only a hundred or so votes will decide the winner. Except that 16,000 provisional ballots are still floating around uncounted.

And the Chairperson of the Rio Arriba Democratic Party (that bastion of electoral integrity) kept three ballot boxes overnight, uncounted, in her sole possession, for safe keeping. Right.

Ask yourself, who benefited from this mess? Qui bono? Was it a coincidence that this occurred in those areas most likely to vote for Obama? By how many more votes would he have carried CD1 if not for the vote suppressing mess?

What's that you say, Democrats suppressing the vote? Nah.

Super Tuesday here was super duper for the tremendous, historic interest by voters in making a change in this country, as well as in who will control the Democratic Party. But, due to the incompetence of the NM Democratic Party leadership and/or machinations by the Dem Machine (Clintonistas, all), the results of this election won't be super credible.