This is Getting Embarrassing

The wedgie of shame
The wedgie of shame

We were the last state that still hadn't counted its votes this morning. It's 11:30 p.m.

We still haven't figured out whether Clinton or Obama gets our 26 delegates. And yeah, voter turnout was up 50 percent. But who couldn't see that one coming? New Mexico's Democratic Party, apparently.

Gov. Richardson released a statement on the caucus chaos. Here's a choice quote:
"I am deeply disturbed by the reports that problems and delays at polling locations may have kept people from voting ... In addition the delay in results was extremely disappointing. I have expressed my frustration to Democratic Party Chairman Brian Colon and I told him that I stand ready to help the party in any way that I can."

The release also said Richardson conceived the caucus in 2003 to "give New Mexico voters a real voice in the selection of the party nominees--as the state primary elections are in June--long after nominees traditionally have been chosen."

Boy is his face red. So is poor Colon's, I'm sure, if you could spot it peeking out from beneath the bus the guv threw him under.

Oh well. See you guys in the morning.