Auto Aesthetics

The '61 Lincoln Continental
The '61 Lincoln Continental recently conducted a poll wherein readers were asked to name the 100 most beautiful cars of all time. Knowing the results hark from a primarily Euro audience, and knowing top 100-type events are more or less meaningless, I'm still allowing myself to be irked by the results.

Here's why: 1.) There was an obvious bias in favor of what seems to be every Ferrari ever made, while very few American cars even got onto the list. 2.) Fugly designs such as the Audi Quattro were acknowledged. 3.) Many cars whose beauty varied year to year, like the Corvette and the Mustang, weren't specified by date. 4.) On the other hand, the poll does specify the admittedly beautiful '40s Lincoln Continentals, but fails to recognize the award-winning, and more stunning '61 model. 5.) There is a complete absence of Mopar. What about the '62 Valiant, the '50 Imperial, the '64 Barracuda, the '70 Super Bee or the Woodie, for chrissake, the Woodie?! 6.) The poll also fails to acknowlede '50s Buicks and their awesome grills, early Japanese cars and a whole host of deserving others.

Again, I know the list doesn't matter, but goddamn, Ferraris are overrated. What do you think?