Peter Murphy Saturday

Peter runs off into the forest, presumably to commune with the netherworld.

Me: "Peter, you look really cool in this video."
Peter: "Thanks, Jessica."
Me: "So, I have a question: Are you actually human?"
Peter: "Yes, Jessica, I am human. That's just make-up and my gaunt physique."
Me: "Oh. Are you sure?"
Peter: [Pauses and sighs.] "I'm a shadow elf."
Me: "What's a shadow elf!?"
Peter: "I am neither good nor evil. I commune with the darkness, and that which is dark...the coming of the twilight, the smoke and the wisps, the things which hide from the light of the moon..."
Me: "Does it help your music?"
Peter: "Help? No. I'm just bloody talented."
Me: "Yeah...I like your pants."