Feed Bags

One cup of coffee is about $1.50. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on whether or not you're insane enough to catch early bird specials. Order a latte because you're a wimp and don't actually like the taste of your needed liquid energy, but enjoy how "vanilla latte with skim, please" sounds rolling off your tongue, and you're in the hole almost $3. If you go to, dare I even say it, Starbucks, you've really got to scrounge up the quarters. Or maybe you're the one who only slightly grimaces as you run your credit card for only $2.49.

Hey, we work hard, we want it. Need it. We're desperate for that java which winds us up like an energizer bunny, allowing us to work just one more hour so we can afford coffee the next day. What if we didn't buy coffee for 33 days and instead bought a Feed Bag for $50? Each person will have succeeded in feeding a child in Rwanda for an entire year. Everyone hates soliciting, and I'm not trying to be promotional here. I'm just telling you what to do. To participate, visit www.feedprojects.org or any Whole Foods Market.