Office Gags

When I'm not doing the superhero/intern thing at Alibi HQ, I man the front desk for a small downtown office. And while no place of business will ever be as cool as the Alibi, they can certainly try. It's nice to see my company's taking the first step.

I don't know how it started, but I'll be damned if it ever stops. Chairman Meow is this cardboard cat people keep placing around the office. Last week he was sighted in the kitchen freezer, filed into the bottom rack of the dishwasher two days before, popping out of the slotted vents above bathroom stalls, on urinals, behind plants, in chairs, on screen savers, scripted into the company web page, typed into work orders, in various drawers, under the coke machine, in personal vehicles, interrupting meetings, above the art department door ledge, and sometimes freestanding in hallways like a little serial killer. Once he was mailed to me first class, and I freaked after I opened the large envelope and his one good peered at me. I just put him under someone's desk.

It hasn't gone too far yet, but I fear that night I come home to an unlocked door, dead lights and a disconnected phone.

What inter-office pranks are you scheming behind? Keep it legal or you'll end up like Bear Stearns.