Cancerous Sunscreen

"Your tan is magnificent, Sue!," says Linda. "Thanks, Linda, I'm not wearing sunscreen. I never do."
"Your tan is magnificent, Sue!," says Linda. "Thanks, Linda, I'm not wearing sunscreen. I never do."

Don't listen to Daddy. He insists you liberally apply sunscreen every time you step outside. But new research shows, Daddy may be wrong. Most sunscreens serve to block the body's absorption of the sun's rays, and consequently it prevents any vitamin D from entering the skin. Vitamin D is recently proven to prevent many types of cancer, from brain tumors to lung cancer to yes, skin cancer. Not only does sunscreen prevent this natural cancer-killer from entering the body's system, but many of the products found within sunscreen are toxic themselves.

But are we to simply forgo sunscreen altogether? This is a complete violation of everything I took away from field trips in elementary school. Here in Albuquerque, we live at the skin cancer capital of the northern hemisphere. Are we to allow the thin atmosphere and violent rays to torch our office-building-bleached skin? Somehow walking around like a lobster doesn't seem like a good idea either.

So if you choose to keep your sunscreen and your skin wrinkle free, you should open your medicine cabinet and check the ingredients. Most likely the bottle on your shelf only prevents UVB rays, leaving you vulnerable to the longer wavelength and deeper penetrating UVA rays. And the point is? Well, there isn't much of one if you want wrinkles. But if you're vain enough to care about what you're going to look like in your pictures with your grandkids, then you should check into products that have the ingredient avobenzone, (Link to avebenzone: one that offers you both UVB and UVA coverage.

So, should we apply sunscreen and die of toxins? Should we not wear anything and get burned, regretting our sun marks when we're old? After reading too many conflicting theories, I give up. As with many reports, there's a study somewhere that coincides with whatever you want to believe. So I think I'll use the excuse that I need more of our good friend Vitamin D so that I can simply avoid greasy hands. Besides, Daddy's not around to nag anymore.