Various Forms of Deluge

Gustav is an asshole


So, this sucks. I can't really sleep tonight as I'm thinking about New Orleans and, among other things, how my Dad refused to leave. Cruising around on MySpace I ran into a Gustav-related bulletin posted by my friend DJ Soul Sister. Here it is in its raw form:

"I love my friends. I hope you are well, no matter where you are. Here are my favorite bits of Gustav update bulletins posted over the past couple of days. Oh, me? I'm in St. James, LA. - not far from Houma and Thibodeaux., where they say the storm is now heading for. Wish I had left Louisiana completely. Scared!!!" -dj soul sister


"Don't worry NOLA we will be o.k.GOD bless all of you"
DJ Real/Sean Daliet

"GO with the contraflow!"

"Nagin's speech last night at 8pm had a packed Molly's become a nearly empty Molly's by 9pm. Most people closed their tabs and some literally ran out of there changing their minds to get out of town."

"seriously it's 4:30 am and a cop car is driving up and down the street with a bull horn saying 'GOOD MORNING! an manditory evacuation has been called for New ORLeans! thanks for your visit to our city. COME AGAIN.'"
DJ Matty

"Was going to stay but......


So, if you want to get out, holla at me--"
Dan F.

"I really, REALLY hope that we have nothing to worry about."
Sweet Baby Stain

"New Orleans you are full of dear, wonderful people who have survived and put up with too much already. I am non-denomination/dogmatic-ally praying for each and every one. For dry, sweet, comfortable shelter. For a quick getaway to a reverse-oasis destination. For pleasant company and nothing but a trickley drizzle. For all your stuff to be there and intact when you get home or for you to never have to leave."
The Supervillainess

"this is coming from a local,it does not make you tough to stay in the path of danger. no one knows what this thing will do"

"We've got plenty of food,water,sterno,charcoal,lighter fluid,first aid kit, a two person boat, plenty of ammo & a truck if things get real bad. But neither one of us could bare to abandon our city again. Most people we know are staying as well. If you are a friend of ours, and have our cell numbers, at some point you may only be able to reach us by text. We wish everyone the best of luck.And for all of our burlesque friends & aquaintances, we'll be seeing you at NYBF and Tease-O-Rama in a few weeks!!!"
Rev Spooky

"I usually don't believe in this stuff but I don't have anything else to go on. Please pray! We are evacuating to Gatlinburg, TN.


Oh...and I don't live below sea level for those of you about tell me I'm stupid for living here. I love NOLA! Enjoy your $7 gas and tainted, chinese shrimp."

"Tonight DJ Soul Sister is giving me a guest slot from 11pm-midnight at Hustle! at Mimi's in the Marigny. If you're in town still and need a release, come out and shake it. After tonight, I don't know when we'll get this opportunity again.

The amazing, beautiful, and unmatchable DJ Soul Sister takes over at midnight until 2am, then we all gotta figure out how to get the hell out of town."
DJ Brice Nice

"In Atlanta. The weather is lovely. I feel impossibly guilty. And nauseated."
Richard Read (facebook)

"just remember, hurricanes are there to trick us and are capable of moving west or east when they are almost 100 miles near the shoreline. Just let the storm ride as it could surprise you all!!stay safeR"