Alibi Midnight Movie Madness presents Irregular at Magic High School: The Movie: July 28-29, Guild Cinema

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The-Irregular-at-Magic-High-School-thumbIrregular at Magic High School: The Movie
–The Girl Who Calls the Stars–

July 28-29, 10:30pm ONLY
Dir. Risako Yoshida • 2017 • 90m
Japan • in Japanese with English subtitles

Set in a world where magic is established as a skill set, the enormously popular light novels The Irregular at Magic High School by Tsutomu Sato (with illustrations by Kana Ishida) tell the tale of a pair of siblings and their friends—students attending a school known as “Magic High School”—and various incidents that they encounter.

Seasons have passed, and their second spring season is almost upon them …

The “irregular” elder brother and his younger sister, who is an academic star. Their first year at Magic High School is about to draw to a close.

Tatsuya, Miyuki and the others have decided to spend their spring break at a certain private villa on Ogasawara Island.

Tatsuya and the others are making the most of their brief vacation. That is until a young girl named Kokoa appears before them.

She has escaped from the naval base, and tells Tatsuya her one wish …

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