Garrett LeBeau Band: April 5, Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Garrett LeBeau
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Garrett LeBeau Band with Felix y Los Gatos and Merican Slang.
Wednesday April 5 at 9pm

garrett lebeau bandGarrett Lebeau was born and raised on the Wind River Indian Reservation near Lander Wyoming and is an enrolled member of the Shoshone tribe. Speaking to both his playing and formative years, he has this to say …

“Growing up we listened to very little music. There was mostly just the 80’s top 40 so, we didn’t listen much to the radio. There was so much wide open space, I think that is in the music somehow. I didn’t really start playing much until I was out of school and then it was a very slow process where I taught myself notes and chords.

The Blues spoke to me, the raw unadorned honesty is what still motivates me musically. It spans all styles. When I say soul, I mean soul you know when music has it. I am not speaking of some narrow definition for a style of music. I speak of music with spirit about life… the trials and tribulations of the working man. Folk music is kin in spirit as is most music that I love.

My goal is to connect with other like minded human beings, to keep the tradition of soul music alive. Where you write, play and sing from your own self—just like the early blues musicians. Feeling has no genre.” Rise to the Grind is Garrett Lebeau’s debut album on Jimmy Lefave’s Music Road Records.

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Burt's Tiki Lounge
515 Central Ave NW
(505) 247-2878

Great live music every night. Great drinks. The closest thing to a beach party in the desert.

Drink Specials and Live Entertainment every night! Giant Stage, Impeccable Sound System, Brand New 32 channel, automated Allen and Heath soundboard, and a 400 person capacity.

Alibi says: “Technically speaking, a dive bar indicates an establishment of ill repute. Furthermore, while we're being technical, Burt's Tiki Lounge is a tiki bar. In any case, this new location for the old Albuquerque favorite is shiny, new and better than ever. The two-level bar not only is getting the best musical acts in the country, they remain showcasing the best local talent. Get whatever your mood requires: Chi Chi, Mai Tai or PBR, there’s no judgement here.


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