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Morningside Antiques

Christian Dimery

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4001 Central NE
Albuquerque NM 87108

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With 24 years of experience, I have seen significant changes in the field of Antiques. The way we live today is different from our grandparents and even parents. LED’s have replaced candles. Space shuttles have replaced the buggy, and the elegant dinner extravaganzas and bridge parties of yesteryear are now Skyped for convenience. That is the way of things. And it will continue to be so. I celebrate this evolution. Yet, I have said, "Until we are brains in jars, there will be a place for my shop." We all need a bed, a table, a chair. In a new global marketplace our choices are many. Why then shop in my store? Fun, education, and great value are my siren song to the virgin antiquer. Although the decision to even GO to an antique store is rare, I promise, if you visit mine, you will be amazed by the glamour, spectacle, sensibility and eye candy. I dare you to visit and not have fun! Essentially, it's a repository of fine objects of many different periods and styles that have logically brought us to where we are in design today. It's exciting and educational to see that evolution. Why buy the copy if you could own an original? New furniture draws inspiration from the antique. Depending on quality, brand and location, prices vary. But new becomes "used" and depreciates the second you buy it. There is no escaping this fact. Antiques are valuable because they are "so used!” Be smart with your money. Antiques have become outrageously affordable in recent years as a result of the economy and competition. Our main goal is to match our pieces with their new owners. My prices are negotiable. If you love it, ask about a discount, financing on approval, or courtesy hold. I realize that people think antiques are expensive. I’m hoping to change your mind. Furniture Mega-stores offer the masses their new versions in a more commonplace shopping atmosphere—corporate, big box, "cookie-cutter,” call it what you like. I am looking for the shopper who wants to express their individuality, break out of the box, find something rare and meaningful to them personally, something that not everyone else owns. Supporting small, local businesses is good for our economy. Statistics say we are the driving force after all. When you couple that with the fact that we are in the business of recycling not manufacturing, it means we are also good for the environment. It's a win-win. Even though I am selling the past, I am selling it today. With my antiques, I follow the desires of a current market. Several new trends have emerged in recent years: less is more, oddities and industrial vintage/modern. Coupled with baby boomers cleaning out their parents’ homes, TV shows like “Hoarders” are resonating with our desire to edit our own belongings. Englishman William Morris put it best, “Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” It is telling that he includes both. Trends come and go. And only the most relevant, most valuable, or most outrageous persist. Antiques fit this description. I have often noted that a successful interior is one in which you get rid of eight average pieces and replace those with one Star! Another, more exciting trend is that for Oddities. This one is a lot of fun. And I am embracing it whole-heartedly. Mixed in with my fine antiques, stained glass windows, sterling silver and oriental carpets, you will find peculiar taxidermy, an antique coffin, laboratory test tubes, medical accoutrements especially the macabre, fossils, bones, semi-precious stone carvings, even meteorites! The loft look, clean and sleek yet oddly industrial, is very popular right now. Young people are driving this market. And I am very interested in their attention. Slick, mid-century modern pieces and sturdy steel and wood machine-age furniture are in high demand. These welcome newcomers are now added to the “signature” pieces that I am known for. Your home is your castle, your solace, your space. Personalize it! We are open daily 10-5, in East Nob Hill, corner of Morningside (our old namesake) and Central. We serve up our antiques fresh and hot. So the next time you need that perfect piece, come see what’s behind the stained glass windows. Sincerely, Christian Dimery

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