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ABQ Health Partners Women's Health
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Women's Health Care Providers

ABQ Health Partners

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4010 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque NM 87109
(505) 254-6500

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Why did you go into women’s health as a profession?
Vicki Stetson, CNM: When I was in nursing school, during my women’s health rotation, it was like a light opened my heart. I loved when I first saw a birth. I still remember that my instructor leaned in and told me to breathe. Dana Espindola, MD: I have always been drawn to women's health care. I felt that it was what I was always passionate about. I enjoy taking care of women of all ages and from all backgrounds.
What is your educational and professional background? How many babies have you delivered (if you know)?
Vicki Stetson, CNM: I was a diploma nurse, and then worked on my BSN while working evenings in Colorado Springs. I went to midwifery school in Denver and received my MS. I was a nurse for 9 years and have been a midwife for 23 years. I am not sure exactly how many babies I have caught. (I stopped keeping track at 1000! And that was about 10 years ago!) But I know I've had the honor of witnessing thousands of women welcoming their babies. Dana Espindola, MD: My educational background has been based in Albuquerque, N.M. I attended undergraduate, medical school and residency all at the University of New Mexico and was pleased to do so! I have now been practicing two years. I believe I have delivered nearly 500 babies!
What is your women's health and/or birth philosophy?
Vicki Stetson, CNM: I think each woman is very unique and brings with her all of her life experiences, which need to be respected and taken into consideration as she makes decisions for her health, particularly when she is pregnant and birthing. Her perceptions of her birth experience can color so many parts of her life. My hope is that each woman can negotiate her transition feeling positive and empowered, regardless of how the experience actually went. Life is such a fluid event, as is labor, and we all need to learn to ride the waves. I just want women to have the support they need and deserve. Dana Espindola, MD: I believe that it is important to include all my patients in a discussion of their care, in that they are an active participant in their health care. I believe in education of patients regarding their particular diagnosis until they have a firm understanding and are comfortable with their plan of care.
What should women keep in mind when choosing an OB/GYN or a CNM?
Vicki Stetson, CNM: Someone who is able to provide the type of care that makes you comfortable and in which you feel respected. Someone who is able to listen to you and remove their opinions from your experiences. Dana Espindola, MD: Patients should feel comfortable with their care provider at all times. They should also feel their provider is available to address their concerns.
What is your favorite thing about your job?
Vicki Stetson, CNM: Catching babies, for sure! But being able to witness a woman find her power and transform into a mother is awe-inspiring to me. Being with women during their process is an honor. And caring for women and families for years is so wonderful. I love educating women and helping them realize they have choices and their body is a sacred thing that needs to be cared for and nurtured. Dana Espindola, MD: I love the collaborative model of the group and thoroughly enjoy everyone I work with!
What is your favorite thing about living and working in ABQ?
Vicki Stetson, CNM: I truly have loved my “work family.” We are doing amazing work and truly changing people’s lives. We give good, respectful, kind, thoughtful care to women and families. We have integrity and are a group dedicated to providing the same high level of care. And we have dedicated decades of our lives in careers to improving women's health. I appreciate the beauty of the desert in Albuquerque and the nonjudgmental, open, accepting attitude that the city has long been known for. And the endless skies. ... Dana Espindola, MD: I am a native of ABQ and am pleased and proud to be practicing in ABQ. I continue to enjoy the diversity and welcoming nature of the inhabitants of ABQ.
If your sister was pregnant, who would you tell her to go see?
Vicki Stetson, CNM: Well, I would hope she would see a midwife! But ultimately, I want her to see someone who listened and respected her feelings and cared about providing good, evidence-based care. Someone who was dedicated to providing her with the care she deserved and balanced out her wishes with the conditions that were affecting her care. Dana Espindola, MD: ABQHP of course!

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