Sun. Oct. 28- Caterwaul's Low Life Movie Night returns with something spooky for Halloween… actually, "Satanic Action Comedy" is the official description. In DAY OF THE BEAST (Dir. Álex de la Iglesia, Spain, 1995, 103m), a Basque priest decodes an ancient text revealing that the Antichrist is about to be born in Madrid on Christmas day. He's got very little time to start doing evil deeds, so he can get close to the devil's inner circle and kill the hellspawn. Enlisting the help of a metalhead record store owner, a psychic charlatan and some extremely suspect logic, el Padre begins his hunt. Meanwhile, a fascist "Clean up Madrid" death squad is murdering homeless people. Could there be a connection? Mixing action, comedy, horror, unexpectedly serious moments and wonderfully good-bad English dubbing, this forgotten cult film somehow succeeds in spite of itself. @ Synchro Studio (512B Yale SE, behind WordCenter & just north of the cemetery)- movie starts 8pm, bring donation$ and/or snacks to share if you can.