Animales Animados

An outdoor evening of live music and aerial collaborations to benefit Gatas y Vatas! 10$ suggested donation. Co-sponsored by Albuquerque Aerialist Collective and AirDance New Mexico Featuring: Rusalka- Gena Lawson ( The Glass Menageries) accompanying Sarah Suski Kali- Monica Demarco ( Chicharra) Kris Kerby ( Hohm) and Hiram Camp (you) accompanying Christina Cavaleri and Joanna Furgal Medusa- Mauro Woody (Lady Uranium) and Gena Lawson ( Anna Mall) accompanying Guadalupe Chavez Tlazolteotle- Tanya Nunez ( Floozy) Cecilia McKinnon (star canyon) accompanying Zachary Sears and Tasha Books Pan- Monica Demarco ( Cthulha) Accompanying Kristen Galbreath The Titan and the Bird- Clifford Grindstaff ( The Jeebies) accompanying Tasha Williams and Diana Delgado Flying White Bison- Christy Cook and Stephano Graner ( Cactus Tractor) accompanying Dara Minkin