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Weekly Alibi
 Mar 15 - 21, 2012 
Photographer Pete McBride's Chasing Water—an award-winning 18-minute documentary screening in Albuquerque this week as part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival—follows the heavily diverted progression of the Colorado River.
The Navajo Nation filed suit in New Mexico in late February against Urban Outfitters for using the tribe's name to peddle panties, flasks, earrings and more. Marisa Demarco interviews Shane Hendren—artist, board member and past president of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association—about native trends in mainstream culture and the long history of rip-off art.
Vocalists César Bauvallet and Jackie Zamora want to be clear about this: They will not be held responsible for any child conceived on the evening of their Cuban boleros concert by anyone in the audience.
Vegetarians and omnivores alike have heavenly options at Bliss Sandwich Spot-N-More.
Hollywood's latest plundering of ancient airwaves for cinematic inspiration results in the super-hip, acid-washed, late '80s teenage cop show "21Jump Street" being transmuted into a raunchy buddy comedy.
German writer Ferdinand von Schirach's Guilt boldly examines the obfuscated line between good and evil, moral justice, and legal justice.

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