Alibi Bucks

Weekly Alibi
 May 31 - Jun 6, 2012 
The De Anza Motor Lodge was once a lively outpost of the golden age of Route 66. Now, thanks to neighbors, the city and some rare works of Zuni art, the Upper Nob Hill motel is about to be salvaged.
Preserving the past within Downtown neighborhoods is what residents had in mind when they started asking the city to take a critical look at their sector plan—last updated in 1976. A new plan aims to keep offices out of residential areas.
Websclusive: What’s in the Mud?
Al Park, a lawyer and candidate for PRC, failed to mention $600,000 his law firm made off a state contract during his endorsement interview.
After a long absence, Elliott’s Ramblers, one of the most beloved bluegrass acts in New Mexico history, is returning to Albuquerque for a show.
While upscale burger parlor Holy Cow clearly treats the ground beef sandwiches as a deity, the Huning Highland restaurant has a few non-burgerly tricks up its sleeve.
Cult-based indie Sound of My Voice is a speculative, dialogue-heavy sci-fi drama that may not sit well with everyone, but proves writer-producer-star Brit Marling to be a voice and a vision worth paying attention to.
Arts collective Postcommodity explores the nature of borders and not being wanted in the third and most ambitious installation in its Repellent Eye series.

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