Alibi V.14 No.40 • Oct 6-12, 2005


Best Dishes

Best Pancakes

Frontier Restaurant

A pile of steaming-hot cakes, fresh out of the pan, slathered in maple syrup with a dab of butter floating in the center of it all like the unblinking eye of God himself—could there possibly be a more beautiful way to start your morning? We don't think so. And, of course, you can sink your teeth into the winners at Frontier earlier than those at most other restaurants, because everyone's favorite big yellow barn is open around the clock. With three locations scattered throughout the area, it's easy to get your pancake fix at the Range Café and Bakery, too, which is a good thing, since they came in second place. Third went to another University area favorite, the packed and popular Mannie's Family Restaurant.

Best Barbecue

Rudy's Country Store and Barbecue

We'd venture to say that there isn't a sprouts-loving vegetarian on God's green earth who doesn't secretly quiver with erotic longing whenever a sweet whiff of meat cooking on the grill curls up into their Puritanical nostrils. Succumb to the urge! The lure of grilling flesh is something no one can resist. According to our voters, the best place in town to get your meat fix is Rudy's Country Store and Barbecue, which now has a location on the Westside, too. Mr. Powdrell's Barbecue House, which also has two locations, comes in a close second this year. Third place goes to Quarters BBQ, which benefits from a fine liquor store in an adjacent building.

Best Hamburger

Blake's Lotaburger

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