Alibi V.16 No.34 • Aug 23-29, 2007


New CDs from New Orleans Musicians Raise Hell and Hope

Musicians remind us why New Orleans matters


Thanatos and Eros, that timeless couple, never dance closer than when in New Orleans, where every breeze carries scents of mortality and carnality. So maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that despite the devastation of Katrina, the indifference of the Bush administration, and the incompetence of the Army Corps of Engineers, the city is showing small signs of a resurgence.

The most encouraging sign yet: an efflorescence of new CDs from New Orleans musicians young and old. Uptown funk, the trad jazz of the Quarter, the Treme’s second line—you can hear it all and more on these CDs, and you can help keep the music, its musicians, the city and hope afloat by plunking down your cash.

You may have trouble finding some of these at your favorite local record store. Try the Louisiana Music Factory, a New Orleans record store that specializes in the local fare (, 504-586-1094).

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