Honk if You're Horny (or in Favor of Obama)

By Simon McCormack [ Tue Nov 4 2008 5:08 PM ]
Simon McCormack

A sea of honks blanketed the soundscape outside the Obama headquarters in Nob Hill. The horns were meant to show solidarity with the men and women who have helped the Obama campaign get out the vote.

Volunteer Linda Tripp has been helping Obama win New Mexico since September. It's the first campaign she's ever worked for. "There's lots of good energy and great people working for a common cause," Tripp says. "We're very hopeful."

Tripp says volunteers have gotten people registered, driven folks to the polls and helped them find early voting sites. There are also volunteers working as "comfort captains" who hand out water and snacks to those waiting to cast their ballots. "We're interested in keeping people in line and making sure they vote," Tripp explains.

All the work is almost over, and now all Tripp can do is wait.

"We'll see how it turns out," she says.